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Shelly Sun

Brightstar Franchise CEO

Shelly Sun and the Franchising Industry

Shelly Sun’s name is famous in the franchising world. She is the co-founder and chief executive officer of BrightStar Care, a company that offers a full continuum of care such as medical care, nonmedical care, and healthcare staffing. Shelly Sun founded the company together with her husband, J.D. Sun. They did have any formal business training when they founded BrightStar Care. It was a risky decision for them, but looking at where BrightStar is now today, it was all worth it. It was in 2005 when BrightStar Care offers its franchising doors. It became the first and only franchising company specializing in both medical and nonmedical care.

Shelly’s leadership and entrepreneurial skills developed over the years. She became a certified franchise executive and participated on IFA’s Board of Directors. By the year 2017 and 2018, she will be the next in line to be the chairwoman of the International Franchise Association.  Her hard work paid off as she was selected as the 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year by IFA, a prestigious award given only to well-deserved individuals. She was the youngest and the second female recipient of the award. For four consecutive years (2011-2014), Shelly was recognized as the fastest growing woman owned company by the American Express. She was even featured in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Her company, BrightStar Care, was featured on CBS Undercover Boss in 2011, which highlights her passion and desire to help other entrepreneurs. Shelly Sun wrote a book entitled “Grow Smart, Risk Less.” In her book, Shelly shares her experiences as an emerging franchisor, the problems she met, and obstacles she surpassed until she became a successful entrepreneur. She discloses the secrets to a small capital path to multiplying a business through franchising. Her book is designed for people who want to be successful in the business franchising industry. Get to know more Shelly Sun on this link